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           Thanks for your interest in Aviares and your application!


           We provide job positions  and  career- support 

           to professionals from abroad, who decided to apply and work in Germany.


           Currently, we are searching professionals for various companies

           all over in  Germany.



           IT - professionals & Software Developers and programmers 


           medical professionals & geriatric nurses &  nursing assistents


           technicians for electric- and mechanical engineering


           skilled workers and craftsman on construction side


  •   Please send us your apllication documents with the job- positions-Nr,

            or alternatively your unsolicited / initiativ - application.



           We need:

  •  your cover letter, CV,  certificates and relevant referencies    

               all translated into German !           

  •  Proof of recognition of your profession/ degree/ qualification/ diploma

           please refer:   https://anabin.kmk.com

               or:    ask the german embassy in your homeland for informations



  •    Please understand that we are not able to handle with                                                                       incomplete documents


  •   We can convey only profesionals with recognized qualifications


After receipt of the complete documents, we will contact you. Then we look for suitable companies that match your job profile and present your documents. We mediate and negotiate so that you get a suitable position that corresponds to your ideas.  Because we are interested in mutual success !


Please understand that this process, can take several weeks on the part of the companies.


                        We look forward to receiving your application !


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