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      We anounce our job offers at indeed.com, Xing, Eures,

    also on several online portals for Experts and in trade journals.


        Here you will find an extract from   our job offers :    (click in!)


     Software - Developers / Programmers   - Ref. EM38849


        IT - Professionals   - Ref. TD22479


        Clinical Nurses / geriatric Nurses / nursing Assistants  - Ref. BF35358


     Medicals for internal medicine & Medicals with specialising - Ref. CD71248


       Painter / tiler / craftsman / plumber / electricians / alrounder - Ref. BA427

      (only for Europeans)                              


        Specialist & Workers for road construction / civil engineering / concrete construction

          Ref. LU91A36   (only for Europeans)



     Also, you can  send us an unsolicited/  initiative applikation, if you have a recognized

     degree according to German regulations.    see at: https://anabin.kmk.com

       Send us your application to :  apply@aviares.de



     Always we are able to provide you to reputable German companies, if you are

     a qualified and experienced specialist from the following sectors, like:

     IT-Professionals,  Software-Developers and Programmers

     Medical Professionals, geriatric nurses, nursing assistents

     technicians for electric, mechanical and industrial engineering

     skilled craftmen on construction-side

       So just send us your initiative application. With Aviares you will hit your goal !


     We look forward to You !

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